A Real-Life "Flash-Roll" Tale

Our report this morning centers of the experience of one reader, who we will not name, but who was recently separated from nearly $10,000 via an internet scam. At the heart of this international fraud, we find a stack of cash, an urgent trip to Amsterdam to a “private bank” – and a lot more. But before we go there, we need to look at how our Blow-Off top in the market is coming.  And as you’ll see in the ChartPack, we’ve only (to borrow from the Carpenters) just begun. … Continue reading

Reporter School: Is “Fake News” Fake?

One story going large this morning is how Hillary Clinton is blaming the web for the spread of “fake news.” Specifically, The Hill reports over here about her complaint to a group of financial backers and said Congress should do something about it. Cited was the case of a gunman, who allegedly walked into a pizza joint where he was “investigating” allegations of a child sex operation. Now, the curious thing to me is why the media dismisses the case as “not true” but with little explanation. What interests us … Continue reading

Coping: The “Christmas Wrapping” Hoax

Status is no longer in style. We saw it last year on one of our casino jaunts, the one up to Choctaw to see the Commodores in concert. Oh, and take some money home, too… While there, a FEW women were dressed to the 9’s (including Elaine who looks like a million bucks). But the majority were dressed in clothes that you’d see going to Safeway, Kroger’s, or any other supermarket. Or slopping the pigs or cutting firewood. Out on the casino floor, it was even worse. People’s uniform on … Continue reading

Markets: Running Out of Hype?

Nowhere near it — yet. We need to be clear on something: Yes, the market went up yesterday. But in my (admittedly weird) approach to markets, that places us only about where we were two weeks ago. Yeah, sure, the Dow is in record country and so is the S&P. But in our work, the Techs (NASDAQ Composite) weighs equally. This approach, which we track more closely for subscribers on our www.peoplenomics.com site ($40 bucks a year, and yes, it’s worth it) has its origins in the aftermath of the … Continue reading

Coping: With Gifts for “Problem People”

WARNING: Mr. Grinch is at the keyboard. I love this time of the year – but hate it almost as much. Because of the gifting, mostly. Don’t get me wrong, the National Bank of Dad doesn’t mind sending out a few little goodies, but a gift should always have an element of surprise and should really never be predictable. The past dozen years, or so, the checks have been repeated and boring. The only difference is between the check number and how the hand-writing drifts around over time. It all … Continue reading

Crafting Your Personal "Annual Report"

Companies have them, but why should they have all the fun?  They form the basis for a lot of budgeting work and setting the action and work plans for the coming year. So why not use a similar approach for yourself?  I mean, you do have a personal income statement  and an expense line or more, right? With a little diligence, you too can have an 87.5% chance of having a merrier Christmas season next year. We walk through processes on the way to a fatter bank account next year. … Continue reading

Irrational Trumpxuberance, Financial Time Travel

There’s a notion that markets predict the future. Oh, not like you will see a red pick-up truck turning right at 9:17:44 AM today. No, it’s more like “We, the collective forces of the market, see a bell-shaped distribution of probable earnings and profits of this (or that) somewhere between nine months and 2-years into the future.” Just for fun, you can actually see these phenomena for yourself. All you have to do is look at a standard options report for a broadly-based index (I like the S&P 500 options, … Continue reading

Coping: With Train Travel

After 2001 – Twin Towers – and the somewhat suspicious (too fast) roll-out of the so-called “Patriot Act” a number of people I know quit flying. Oh, not that they were on the no-fly list. But since they don’t take crap and understand people’s right to quietly “be” anywhere in the country, they didn’t want to take a chance on decking some too snoopy micro bureaucrat. So they gave up flying and opted for cars and trains. I happened (consulting hat on) to talk with one such person (a colleague) … Continue reading

Rally of the Trumpedency Continues

That’s it. Don’t bother getting out of bed. Futures are up 70, and save the Italian election referendum, there’s little real “news” to talk about. In fact, our Monday here started off with a Win-10 update and a Western Digital Synch update for the home network attached storage units, so it has been one of those “hyper- intensive yet refreshingly non-productive” starts to the week. Still, there is hope. Gallup is just out with a Consumer Spending Measure. And since the country has been on speed since the Trumpedency vote, … Continue reading

Coping: The Global Warming Diet

“What we really need a faster way to make a million bucks…” Since I take a generous one morning off each week to sleep in, we were doing what married couples do now and then; reviewing where we are and where we’re going. “The answer is probably in MARKETING something. Something which is already being marketed very successfully…” I promised to research what the biggest and most pervasive marketing campaigns were – with an eye toward piggy-backing on something that was already on the tips of everyone’s tongue. “Global Warming! … Continue reading