How IS that Weather War Doing?

In a recent report, I laid out the curious timeline of weather manipulation. It begins with theory in the 1980’s, goes to HAARP and the other “atmospheric heaters” in the middle 1990’s. Where, we can safely assume, a certain Vice President became aware of things like the Air Force Owning the Weather: 2025 study. Read “Weather as a Force Multiplier” here. And then, a certain VP didn’t want to run in 2004 but that was because a climate exchange was birthed before that… and helped by a Chicago legislator … Continue reading

Coping: Around the Ranch on Holiday

It’s been a while since we have toured the Ure outpost here in the Outback of East Texas. Despite the two major eye operations, Life goes on…and with it, our hobbies, pastimes, and amusements. Starting with the hobbies: Fellow ham radio enthusiasts will appreciate that I just picked up an antique radio to restore. It’s a Hallicrafters HT-18 and one of the earliest examples of a “civilian” variable frequency transmitter. You may not realize it, but for the first (roughly) 50 years of radio, the frequency of the transmitter was … Continue reading

Eight Years of Obama: Ahead or Behind?

Figures can lie, and liars can figure said Mark Twain.  Never could such a statement be more true than when looking at the economy.  And this morning we will do just that, since on Friday, the new GDP figures came out.  It’s not a simple thing to figure, but amazingly, our numbers and some federal stats match up, we must be on the right track somewhere. Still, by the time you’re done digesting the “down the rabbit hole, up, around, behind, and over the log” to get there, you’ll have … Continue reading

Short Report – Have a Great Weekend

A very short report this morning because of eye surgery yest.  Normally I get up at 4 to hit it and get it.  Nuit this morning, try 7 AM. And barely that. 2 1/2 hour eye surgery #2 about did me in.  Hurts like bloody hell.  Maybe more on that this weekend. On the financial  side, the market should open flat, close down.  Sell before the weekend so as not to have exposure for three days may be the thinking. Some might worry the world could go to hell this … Continue reading

Coping: Brain Cleaning and Event-Chains

(Written before Surgery on Thursday) When I began jotting down a few notes about “brain cleaning” this week, it was not clear why I was going down this path this week, but one of those “odd damn dreams” came along last night to explain it and so I thought I would pass it on to you. In my dream, a number of things were explained to me. First and foremost was the explanation of why I lost my contact lens – which as noted in the Thursday column, seems to … Continue reading

Pre-Holiday Rally Ending?

There is one school of thought that the present rally is the start of a major breakout to the upside. But, we still have to close this week above the trend channel defining a Wave 2 correction off the February low and March-April rally. Not that it matters. In Long Wave economics, when you’re really living to the 50-90 year cycles, it is almost a moot point. That’s because there is a larger deal going on in the background; specifically the generational turnover. Strauss and Howe discussed it in depth … Continue reading

Coping: Parallel Universe Discovered

Yes. It’s in our kitchen. Lemme tell you how I know. Tuesday afternoon, I get back from the doc-2 with the eye rolling in 20/40+3, or so, and with a 1.25 diopter set of dime store readers, I was wailing away on Peoplenomics until around 6 PM. Go over to the house, scrub and pop out the hard contact. Operate over black glass top stove.  Clean, easy to see everything. Bllloink! Little bastard bounces out of  my hand. Heads off to the right somewhere… (Cue parallel universe opening sound, see … Continue reading

Scaling the Summer Rally

This morning we put on our “Look-Aheads” and size up some of the economic data that is beginning to form.  Will it support some of our notions about a run-up into the presidential election and then a very bad patch starting in 2017?Yes, it seems so…But first a few headlines as we run through what will hopefully be our last “partly sighted” view of charts with major eye surgery tomorrow and hopefully a new contact lens today for the one that went missing last night… More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE … Continue reading

Be Unmoved by Moving Averages

First thing this morning before we get into the data of the day, and we walk through the zoo and see how the )political( animals are doing, yada, yada, a reader asked a fine question that deserves some thought. Do I attach any significance to the market when the 50 week moving average (50 dma) moves below the 10 week moving average (10 dma)? In a word, no. But let me tell you why: Humans are drawn like flies to whole numbers, round numbers, even numbers, and lots of other … Continue reading

Coping/Brain-Cleaning Week: To-Do, Or Not To-Do?

But before we get to that… a quick note to Bruce down in Ecuador. Long an ex-pat and a key contributor around here, Bruce and I agree on many of the big points, but certainly not all. Let me pull a comment or two from his Monday retort to set the stage. “You will never free yourself from regret as long as you live in a country where you cannot optimize your decisions. Underneath those decisions is a thin layer of anger for the powerless you feel, even subconsciously. That … Continue reading