Our 2017 Christmas Letter

In higher education circles it would be called an SER (self-evaluation report) and people would read it knowingly. This morning we review how well our market model has done this year (amazingly well, BTW) and we consider a bit of what’s ahead for 2017.  But, not before some talk of the new CPI data (which sucks) and plenty of coffee and charts… More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

Awakening in the Ultrasocial World

As we outline (eventually getting to the point in Coping this morning), ultrasociality seems to be the new ruling paradigm.  Thanks to one of our brilliant readers, who used the phrase “like Microsoft software – there’s a million ways to do something,” Ultrasociality may be a great key for understanding the world in a new way.  (Suggested reading: Ultrasociety: How 10,000 Years of War Made Humans the Greatest Cooperators on Earth by Peters Turchin) The difficulty is that ultrasociality doesn’t seem to have nice, soft, fuzzy edges to it.  In other words, the high sense of … Continue reading

Coping: With Media [ Mob ] Rule

Communications:  We begin this morning with an interesting phenomena up on the “gurney” here at  Cleat Through Labs. We look at the problems around us and wonder how much of it is being whipped up by electronic versions of mob rule? Let’s back up for a second and understand how it happens.  Maybe the best place is to consider a few thoughts about “flash mobs.”  These things never happened before the arrival of “smart phones” – which in the hands of dumb people can be used for all sorts of nefarious … Continue reading

Coping: Is Stagnant Water Poisoning Us?

Environment/Health:  Here’s a health tip that we picked up from Zeus the Cat that I’d completely forgotten about.  Yet, it is potentially one of the easiest health pick-me-ups you can find.  The effects aren’t huge – at first – but it’s one of those slow poisoning deals that may constitute an unseen attack on the middle class. So let’s start with the cat because he’s really smart. As you know, when we’re gone showering, we put a small plastic bowl in the tomorrow of the shower and let the shower wand hang down … Continue reading

Trouble Week: Bitcoin, Fed, Quadruple

Big Trouble in River City.  And in Texas,. California, Washington, and wherever else you want to look. Although, if you live in the Northeast, here’s a peachy example of how media-egocentric the Northeast is:  CNN blares “California wildfires now larger than New York City and Boston Combined.”  See how this works?  The media is NE-centric as hell and this attitude spills out at every turn, unchallenged. We have plenty (in fact too much) to say about the California fires in a moment, but let’s begin the week with the REAL … Continue reading

A New Economic Paradigm?

This morning we take a jaunt into the very heart of economic thought.  We’ll be looking at the component-level as to what “makes up” price discovery. What we come to is the idea that we have emphasized the wrong thing. E.G. the existing paradigm has promoted high unit-volumes of goods.  But, QUALITY has been abandoned because of our belief that “more work is good.”  With Robotics on the horizon, this is plain stupid thinking.  Which we will discuss more deeply after some headlines and where the charts and models have … Continue reading

Coinsters, Banksters, and Jobsters

Before we get into the fresh press release from the Labor Department, a word or two about bubbles.  Bubble?  What bubble?  Oh…this bubble: Bitcoin hits $17,000 as bubble fears mount. They never end well.  Read that again: never. I mention this because we are witnessing the parabolic rise of Bitcoin.  Don’t get me wrong, it has been highly entertaining and all that.  When I checked prior to posting, they were at $15,447.  I know, the TB’s (true believers) in Bitcoin are oh so proud that they have a secure blockchain.  What they can’t … Continue reading