Primarily Charts–And the Keys to the Bank

(Tacoma, WA) —  With the markets obediently following my calls (surprising even me, mind you) we will have a nice, short, to the point discussion of the charts this morning and we can kick around what I’m doing in the way of a position once we get through the second half of the political silly season… This is what passes for “vacation” for me – which means anything un der 590 hours a week on sorting out markets and crap.  My head is still reeling a bit from that new … Continue reading

The High Bar for Hillary

The stock market is NOT on the verge of collapse this morning. That’s just one indicator that Donald Trump may be the real deal that democrats fear most. You see, after a successful conclusion to the convention, if Trump was really seen widely as a danger to business, the market would be screaming this – and would likely be down at least 500 and maybe 1,000 points or more. Please notice:  It is not. In fact in the early going, the market was up a bit today – so if … Continue reading

Coping: The Next American Frontier

Now that we have a short break between the political gatherings, before the democrats nominate a woman better suited to receiving a felony indictment than Oval Office occupancy, how about we focus on something a little more positive? Like this: What is the Next American Frontier? We have been through several: When I was young, an aunt was the first female contracting office for the US military at Ft. Rich. She was part of the handy bunch of “can do” Americans who went to the wildest place they could find … Continue reading

Boos for Cruz – Crooked GOP’ers Plan Party Hijacking?

I’m not really one to talk about people who have two standards because I don’t take such people in high regard. Yet, when Ted Cruz last night refused to come out and endorse his party’s nominee for the presidency, that was about the last straw. When the primary mess began, wasn’t Cruz one of the people who was arguing that all the candidates should sign “the pledge?”  Once again, we see how the American voter, accidentally perhaps, has shown that there is some wisdom in the primary process.  Cruz is … Continue reading

Coping: A Simple Idea for Healthcare

(Tacoma, WA) – This morning’s update is a little more brief than usual due to Microsoft “updating” my computer for a good part of the time that should have been spent writing.  Grrrrr…. Onto the first point:  I happened to be listening to an ad on the radio while we were driving up here from Texas.  It ran through a whole litany of things that could go wrong with the medicine:  Things like anaphylactic shock, sudden drops in blood pressure and so forth. This got me to thinking:  How many … Continue reading

Reader Note

(Tacoma, WA)  — This morning’s report will come out a bit strangely becvause Microsoft decideed to apply a software update to my main computer – so this morning’s report is coming – an hour later than normal) from Elaine’s. As a result, we will have only the financial report this morning, but rest assured, there will be a complete report tomorrow even if I have to go out and buy another blankety-blank computer.  Not a word from the Mac crowd, please.   OK…more as soon as I figure out what … Continue reading

Kondratiev Got It Wrong?

(Baker City, OR) — Boy, am I ever fun to go on “vacation with” or what? “Honey, just one beer…but I have to get back to the room and works on charts because I’ve been working on this new theory about long wave economics while we’ve been watching the scenery go by…” Yep…that while explaining regression channels without paper as we trade-off driving chores. Still, that’s dedication (or stupidity…) for you.  And the payoff has been two great insights:  One for subscribers and one in tomorrow’s UrbanSurvival :”Coping” section.  I’ll … Continue reading

Wired in Ogden (The Coffee War) and Housing Starts

(Ogden, UT)  —  There is an invisible line that is crossed in America; not unlike the Mason-Dixon Line of pre-Civil War days. It seems to run from about Phoenix  (Scottsdale specifically), on up through Utah, and then up north to about Montana.   From there, the line turns right and runs  down just south of Chicago and then due East. Unlike most of the lines we talk about today, this one doesn’t divide up the turf between the Bloods and Crips.  It isn’t a red state-blue state kind of thing. It … Continue reading

Coping: With Broken America

I haven’t made too big a deal about the state of America’s highways – and wasn’t going to – until the past day of travel had us spending an inordinate amount of time (delays) either running on the shoulder of freeways under repair and generally down at 45 miles per hour. We noted the road we took through Oklahoma Sunday morning was bumpy and lumpy but it was at least made out of concrete. On I-80, what is going down is asphalt of some kind. You can smell the oil … Continue reading

A Fine Week to Stand Aside

(Fort Collins, CO.) — U.S. Market Futures were up about 24-points when I looked. But from the clear air of the Rockies, which I assure you ain’t in Denver, the smart thing to do this week seems to be sit in cash and simply watch events. Not that the market can’t climb the fabled “wall of worry” – of course it can. To me it’s more of a “How well do you want to sleep?” question. The headlines are grim: Three more police officers were shot and killed in Baton … Continue reading