Janet’s Map of the Future

It was more of the same this weekend:  The major money center banks of the world and the monetary policy folks getting together at Jackson Hole Wyoming.  A fitting place where the world Hole figured prominently has to be one of the finest winks out there from Universe. That aside – and while the banks were floating ideas like having monetary authorities buy up bonds (to put their interest rates up)…the real useful (and dare I say actionable) part of the Monetary Symposium was the speech and this roadmap present … Continue reading

Coping: The Inventor’s Weekend

There are always plenty of things to do when you have the ultimate bug-out retreat in the woods. Especially when the Global Banksters are gathering around the US Fed and crying poor…moving us closer to the bail-in that I described in a recent Peoplenomics report. This weekend, however, it was a time to work on many inside projects. The heat has been turned down a smidge, but with highs in the upper 80’s, the comfort temperature in mid to high 90’s. The 120-day stretch from the middle of May is … Continue reading

Turn on a War: Rally the Sheep

Think the odds of a flash war are low?  Think again. As one of our readers noted, former president Clinton tossed some bombs around to try and get rid of/distract from the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Will such a distraction be used this fall? Obviously we don’t know, But there are some bothersome potential conflicts out there…along with a novel form of terrorism. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||      Subscriber Help Center. … Continue reading

FDA & Congrease Asleep: The Woes of Mylan

The myth that the consumer is in any way protected by the Fooled and Drugged Administration is blowing up once again. Can’t say we’re surprised, since in the past we had helped expose how the FDA helped corporate greedsters to hoax millions out of people who depended on the extract of the autumn crocus (Colchicine) which costs about 20-cents a pill in Mexico. But here in the US,, for a while, the cost of the pill was north of $8 dollars a pill. In the FDA’s defense, the drug greedsters … Continue reading

Coping: Victims of Process, Mind-Mapping

In our Thursday morning report dealing with the Philadelphia experiment, I made a passing mention to how I scribble down notes and am perpetually reorganizing them. I didn’t mean that literally This morning I thought it would be useful to share a couple of tools that may help you get a better – – or at least different – way to view some of the problems you deal with on a daily basis. The first of the tools is good old Microsoft Word. Yes it’s a word processor, but a … Continue reading

Real Urban Survival Tales, Prechoes of 1907

What got me to thinking about this (again) was the story about how a “Woman Found Alive After Being Stranded For One Month in New Zealand Mountains.” Interesting read. There are other stories which will be spawning Survival stories to come, from efforts such as the Rescuers digging for survivors of Italy’s earthquake as death tolls climbs. Survival stories (or the Urban and other) are around us every day. You saw where the Boy, 16, survived brain-eating amoeba contracted on vacation in Florida… Survival stories come in all sizes: From … Continue reading

Coping: A Bothersome Philadelphia Experiment Data Point

I’m spending too much time in my lab lately. Yeah, still working on gravity/anti-gravity theories and the like. But now I’m vexed by a bothersome data point that popped out of my work just yesterday. This takes a little explaining…because it is not the simplest stuff in the world. So here goes… I was reviewing Oliver Heaviside’s Volume I on electromagnetic theory and at the very end of the work he allows as how light and gravity may propagate in similar ways. Not that this is new to fans of … Continue reading

The Coming Global Bail-Ins

Yep.  Not before the elections, though.   Just waiting for Obama II (Hillary) to make it into office and then all signs point to a meltdown in early 2w016 because the Fed won’t have any choice but to raise rates – which will blow up the national debt,  or they will stand par and the world will collapse into Depression II that way. In either event, we’re screwed.  Sure, paid up real estate that can grow food is the real answer…one we’ve been walking the talk on for a long time.  … Continue reading

Ure’s Forecast Right Again…Duh

Power breakfast aboard (turkey croissant sand.. and half bowl of chili) I am ready to face a harsh reality: I quit my long position in the QQQ’s yesterday instead of waiting for this morning. Not that I lost money, or anything stupid like that. I didn’t.  Made money even after commish. But the futures were looking like the Q’s might have added half a point today and that’s leaving money on the table.  Oh well. Every now and then, a reader will ask why I don’t post my trades real-time. … Continue reading

Coping: Prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse

“You’re WHAT?” IN so many words, my most normal daughter was telling be she and her spouse would be heading to Las Vegas to take part in a Zombie Apocalypse Tactical Op Training Session. Oh, one of those… I tried to sound hip but it wasn’t going very well at all. With good reason, too. One is with the exception of a few old politicians I have never seen any zombies…ever. Two is if I did see one it would be meeting a real plastic hollow point from one of … Continue reading