Coping: Precognitive Oversleeping?

Strange, but super short Coping this morning. Overnight, my faithful travel alarm clock – that ran on a single 1.5 volt double A battery – decided to quit working.  I’ve had it since 1990 and to get that much use out of something is amazing in today’s “easy to break” world. I knew this was coming at some level because two weeks ago I ordered a new alarm from Amazon. Last weekend I checked and that order for some reason wasn’t showing in their system. Hmmm… So I ordered another alarm clock. … Continue reading

Strategy, Tactics, Words, and Laws

A fair bit on  the plate this morning.  In the Strategy area, we continue our discussion of three books that may provide a useful “look-ahead” reference series for the coming period of history. Under Tactics we take on the task of trading what may be one more small decline before the market heads up – if indeed that’s what’s in the cards.  Use the “brainamp.xls” spreadsheet on the Master Index page to play along. It’s a locked spreadsheet but the password is there, too. On “words” a couple of news … Continue reading

Housing: Still on the Rise

Hot off the Press Release: NEW YORK, MARCH 28, 2017 – S&P Dow Jones Indices today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices. Data released today for January 2017 shows that home prices continued their rise across the country over the last 12 months. More than 27 years of history for these data series is available, and can be accessed in full by going to Additional content on the housing market can also be found on S&P Dow Jones … Continue reading

Coping: With Electronic Dependents?

Our topic this morning is Income Taxes which come due in about two weeks. Gotcher Tums supplies laid in? Before we start, a compliment to I.R.S.  The Ure family return was filed electronically early this month and already our 37-cent refund hit the bank account.  Nicely done! People tend to hold I.R.S. to account for everything dumb that happens in Washington because they end up collecting the taxes to pay for whatever this week’s bad idea is.  Like Ryan not calling the healthcare vote…but don’t get me started on that… … Continue reading

Bigger than a Pause, Smaller than a Crash

We expect the Dow to drop around 150 points at the open this morning. You can ascribe the problem to any of the following: The GOP failure to vote as promised on Obamacare repeal. The fact that Labels of Convenience are becoming obvious now (see Coping section for more) The fact that the Rest of World – having failed to make new highs – is in a pullback. And against this backdrop, the Dow and other indicators may not reach new highs and in the macro picture, could this be the start … Continue reading

Coping: Labels of Convenience

So, this man walks into the local county courthouse, al disheveled, drooling a bit, and wearing clothes that looked like they hadn’t been washed in month or two.  Reeked to high heaven. Worse, the man smelled like a hog pen, he was carrying an “Anarchy Now” sign, and most of his teeth had left with the meth he’d started smoking years ago… “May I help you, sir?” asked the government employee behind the desk. “I’m here to register to run for office.” “And which party, sir?” “Well, as a Republican, … Continue reading

The Shape-Shift of Global Energy

Been reading a fascinating book (I’ll give you the title in a sec.) and it makes some amazing forecasts related to energy, some of which I hinted at in Friday’s Urban column. This morning we consider the economic implications but not before running Paul Ryan down for allowing turncoat Republicans of Convenience to escape being named…which is why he pulled the healthcare bill rather than have the turncoats revealed. It’s a world of filth, smut, oil, political intrigue and social carnage. Oh, and money, too. Just our kind of place. … Continue reading

The Big Changes that Matter Are in Background

The stock market will recover a bit more of its 200+ point nosebleed experienced earlier in the week. But there are many “moving parts” going on in background that you may not be aware of because they are not as simple to dispense and “keeping up with the class” is more than a 5-second Trump-bash. 1.  NASA has a real breakthrough in life extension.  Supposedly developed to extend astronaut lives for long trips (like going to Mars), the UK Daily Mail reports human trials could begin in as little as … Continue reading

Coping: Dogwood Days and Alien Abductions

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture of one of our dogwood trees that was blooming much earlier than expected because of (don’t make me say “climate change” or I’ll puke) an early Spring around here. This weekend, Palestine, Texas will celebrate the first of three weekends of Dogwood Trail Days.  To give you an idea of how the canine-trees are doing, here’s an update look at the one off to the side of the shop carport… There are lots of other reasons to come to Palestine, Texas.  … Continue reading