The Noise Floor in News and Trading

Yes, we are going through a process right now of trying to discern the “most likely future” but we are doing so in an incredibly “noisy” environment. It’s very, very easy to make a whole ton of money investing – IF you have a rock-solid idea about what the FUTURE will look like. Problem is: Many people who hold out “knowledge of the future” are seldom right much more than a Gaussian percent of the time. Which makes our filtration processes more difficult. I mean, think about it: This morning … Continue reading

Coping with Woo-Woo: Head-on with the Mandela Effect

I haven’t done one of these for a while – talked about woo-woo –  but it’s always good to hear from a traveling Son of the Republic (of Texas) who is presently self-exiled to Indonesia. Bernard Grover sent me and world-famous author Joseph Farrell a that tills some familiar soil in the Land of Woo Woo: “Dear George and Joseph, I want to introduce you to each other. George Ure writes a wildly popular economics blog called UrbanSurvival ( ), and Joseph Farrell is an author, researcher and has an … Continue reading

Did Germany Just Win WW II?

This seems to be in  play right now – 72 years after the fact. But will it be able to hold the remnants of the EU together? We shall discuss this and some mighty interesting charts…so bean up. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||      Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

Fishing for a Bottom

Damn, Damn, and double-Damn. I didn’t catch my fish yesterday. Oh, yeah, this is still a column about my never-ending efforts to make a buck the “old fashioned” way – by taking money from other traders.  The term “fishing” though is exactly how to make money when markets are in decline and feeling along a possible bottom. There is a fair chance the short to intermediate term bottom is at hand, too.  We have a couple of indicators pointing that way.  For one, my brainamp.xls output has been pointing at: … Continue reading

Coping: With the “The Truth” We Don’t Want to Hear

This morning, I want to share a comment from a reader who lives outside the USA (Ecuador) who used to be a very big deal in advertising in a large eastern seaboard city. She was kind enough to relate some personal experience related to the topic we got to Monday, namely the role of Big Pharm in ‘Merican Bidness. “Neither me or my spouse take any pharmaceuticals and we are in our mid-60’s. We’re not nuts about it and I would take a pain med after surgery or if I … Continue reading

Ready to Play IV 5 Minor (ii)?

Short Version: Market drops today. Long Version: My consigliere called Sunday to remind me that we are still on target for World War III or IV in the 2019 to 2024 time frame. Like that’s something I’d forget? “Seven year cycles, George. Don’t forget that: Seven years…” Which, as a student of our Cheerionomics 501 class you will remember as Clement Juglar’s ideas. If you dozed off during our last discussion, the class notes are here in Wikipedia. Pay particular attention to: “In 1860 French economist Clement Juglar first identified … Continue reading

Coping: My Body, My Chemistry Set

It has been a while since I updated you on my quest for perfect nutrition – on the theory we really are what we eat – so… DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, medical professional, or associated with any school, college, or university medical school. Think of me as just someone you ran into on the street,  Do not consider any of my PERSONAL MEDICAL OBSERVATIONS as applying to one person: Me, the author. Look, I know you aren’t a child and have already figured this out, but we live … Continue reading

BREXIT and Markets: So This UFO Lands…

Not really. But it sure helps to use a semi-fictional analogy in order to explain markets this week, so that’s exactly what we shall do.  Trust me, it’ll be far more readable than a dissertation paper. You see, as a thinking tool, we’re big on getting back to the basics because it is often in “the basics” that we find the seeds of future developments that germinate into a full-on deflowering of some of Men’s greatest follies. Like the European Union Idea, for example.  Been a crappy idea from the … Continue reading

Our Post BREXIT A-Game

Another short update and mainly aimed at our readers.  I will likely update Peoplenomics for this week an hour or two before the close of trading today. The reason is that our ChartPack and Aggregate Index are in flux with this break following the EU Exit vote by the Brits (who are voted to get free of the EU mess while they could) have changed in character a good deal. The first blush number run using our brainamp.xls presents the possibility now of a decline to the 1900 area … Continue reading