Climate Change? Maybe….

We will get to the futures (yawn) and the Chicago Fed activity index (snore) in a moment. But first a word about climate change. No, we won’t get talking about India and China getting serious about longer-term government commitment to the idea, although the NY Times over here is solidly supportive in their reporting. (Continues) No, what we’re talking about is cycles of the Sun which, in our view is getting the short shrift. As the Pacific Oscillation continues, though, we are already noticing that the summer, at least here … Continue reading

Coping: Prepping, Golf, and Mental Illness

This may be one of “them Texas tall tales” ya’ll have have heard about, but it began Saturday when I was burning the first of two pretty good-sized burn piles that have accumulated on the property.  Remember our “limbing-up” discussion? Elaine had successfully kept me away from burning until some “ground nesters” were done with this year’s broods, but when I lit off pile #2 Sunday morning and saw a rat I figured it was time to tear up my environmentalist ticket and get back to what Texans call “rat killing” … Continue reading

Trading for Lunch Money, Micro Homes III

Not a particularly in-depth report this morning, but some very interesting topics.  ‘First up is a discussion of how I made some “lunch money” on this week’s dead cat bounce in the market. Then a word or several more about Micro Homes, since my son is now actively thinking about building one. A few headlines, and more coffee – then we’ll be into it. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

The $468.90 Lunch Hour

Yes.  Tomorrow in Peoplenomics I will show you how I played the “dead cat bounce” in the market Thursday – which will likely continue a bit when the market opens this morning. As I told subscribers in our special report Thursday AM, my favored outcome would be a solid/tradable bottom for the short-term, and with that, we are hip-deep in hamburger money again. Tomorrow: a more detailed discussion of how I did it. complete with trading slips.  We don’t do stock tips, but with even a modest amount of dough, if … Continue reading

Coping: Accidents of Birth & Geography

I know some of our readers have a hard time understanding why I allow (and encourage) posts from a reader (Jon) who sometimes seems like a sharp-shooter troll from the corporate-government alliance. But he does have value in that he will (occasionally) ask some hard questions deserving of thoughtful answers. Although he may not like some of my answers, there may be some learning to be sifted from the mix of discourse. (continues) For example, Jon’s comments pick up on the fact that I do view Trump as a possible historical echo of Herbert … Continue reading

A Special Update

I regret to advise regular readers that we will have to dispense with our usual charm, wit, and wisdom this morning because matters of a more pressing – long wave economic –  nature concern us today. Specifically, certain market indicators and behaviors are of such magnitude that we have to scrap the free side this morning in order to give subscribers get the full benefit of our perspective on markets and long wave economic implications which has been evolving since 1997 when this site was founded. I apologize, but … Continue reading

Coping: Consumer Super-Saturation

There we were Wednesday.  Gloating at having unloaded out long position Tuesday afternoon (2:31 PM Eastern) when it became apparent that the country has been overwhelmed with a new kind of mental disorder. A strange dysfunction it it, too:  People using words like Buffoon-in-Chief and “impeachment” – all very strong and polarizing emotives – verging on insane behavior.  No, perhaps we have passed the verge and are full-on crazy now.  Reader Mic down in Ecuador was right when he called it…America is fast becoming (criminally?) insane Does it mean anything other than Obama … Continue reading

The Second Depression Timeline

This morning we present some extremely specific predictions – more like tentative trading points – which should evolve over the balance of this year. No, we don’t rely on tea leaves or obscure code…just years of cumulative spreadsheets and data studies. While we don’t offer “financial advice” per se, we do offer an outline of what markets presently are suggesting may be in our longer-term future. This from the guy who blew out of his market long position at 2:31 PM Eastern Tuesday expecting the market ought to turn down…when … Continue reading

An America “Whodunnit”

If I could give you all the answers, you’d be appalled, so I will just give you the barest essentials of the possible plotline of the ongoing media novel grounded in the last presidential election. Writ large today, we have the family investigator in the Seth Rich murder – he was the democrat national committee data analyst speculated to have been a WikiLeaks source – asking “Where’s his computer?”  Apparently, he’s been told that BOTH the FBI AND the DC police have it. Wait….Did I say F.B.I.?  As in you-know-who, just … Continue reading