MLK Day: The Media Score Cards

With the markets closed, here at Uretopia Ranch, other than a hellatious amount of rain overnight, there’s little to do with all the computing horsepower at Old Man Labs. We are left with little to do but look at how various media are still using the occasional of Dr. King’s death to drive wedges between Americans. Our little foray begins with the front page of the NY Times which proclaims “Trump Sets Off Backlash With Attack on Civil Rights Icon.” To be sure, Rep. Lewis has been a leading advocate … Continue reading

Coping: The Inaugural Speech Trump SHOULD Give

[From my Report #800-B of Saturday shared with universal subscriber support that we work to get this idea out there.] I wanted to jot down a few ideas based on a “lost commodity” in America:  The Art of Thinking Big and doing something about it.  Due to the feminization/neutering of America, old-fashioned male whupp-ass was put down by the forces of political correctness (liberalism) years ago.  It has shrunk our thinking and our national cajones, too.  Other countries, with a more “male” sense of about them – China for … Continue reading

Retail’s Last Big Car-Buying Spree Saves America?

Yes, Retail Sales Matter and we have a fresh one just off the press over at Census. Here’s how it looks: Advance Estimates of U.S. Retail and Food Services  Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for December 2016, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $469.1 billion, an increase of 0.6 percent (±0.5 percent) from the previous month, and 4.1 percent (±0.9 percent) above December 2015. Total sales for the 12 months of 2016 were up 3.3 percent (±0.6 … Continue reading

Coping: Another Millennial Book Note

Crisco-what-a-phobia? Oh!  Triska then… Many items on the agenda this morning, so let’s begin with a note from reader Sherlyn on the Millennial’s Missing Handbook chapter from Thursday’s report. She writes: “I would appreciate it if you could give a brief example of how these methods can be applied to our personal lives. I am retired, and due to health, will not be returning to employment nor starting a business. How would these principles apply to personal decision making for example?” Great question! I like to think of “problem solving” … Continue reading

Spy-Punked: Trump vs. Shadow Government

Some FedSpeak and Import Prices in a minute. But first we need to point out the Kennedyesque risks presently faced by Donald Trump as he’s gotten “in the face” of the U.S. intelligence community by running his own “sting operation” on them. We would not be surprised to see one of Trumps first actions after the Oath – a week from tomorrow – would be the removal of the top layer of each spy agency. But the problems of the Shadow Government will not go quietly into the night. As … Continue reading

Coping: Millennial’s Book 2: [keyword: Process]

(book title then article begins if graphics are down) Reader Note: If you are just catching on, each Thursday we’re are doing a chapter each week of a book I’m writing for Millennials – teaching the insights that will (hopefully!) allow them to live long and prosper – and be around to clean up after us Old People who made a mess of getting civilization this far. There are three sections to each chapter. Something you can read to children, a general reader part, and the advanced/business section. We pick … Continue reading

The Six Steps of Marketing

A kind of short-form companion to our recently presented eBook for subscribers on Sales, this morning we roll through the six stages of marketing. Although mainly useful if you have a management position in a company, being aware of these steps will help you in many ways, including how you “size up” companies you are thinking about investing in.  Useful stuff… More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||      Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

Climate Change!!! (Well, sorta…)

Here in East Texas, anyway. And no, not really climate because that is really weather because climate is a function of multiple el Nino/ la Nina cycles over a good period of time, say 50-100 YEARS. But let’s go along with the global tax scam promoters and remark on how earlier this week we recorded a low of 12.8°F here at Uretopia Ranch and last night it got down to a low of about 64°F. So don’t look now, but climate is ALWAYS CHANGING. Still, the 173 MPH wind recorded … Continue reading

Coping: With “Real-Life” Quantum Leaps

Hell of a “Recipe” this morning: Ingredient 1: Remember the television series “Quantum Leap?” Wiki it sometime: “Quantum Leap is an American science fiction television series that originally aired on NBC for five seasons, from March 1989 through May 1993. Created by Donald P. Bellisario, it starred Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett, a physicist who leaps through spacetime during an experiment in time travel, by temporarily taking the place of other people in order to correct historical mistakes. Dean Stockwell co-stars as Admiral Al Calavicci, Sam’s womanizing, cigar-smoking companion … Continue reading

Dow 20,000 Due This Week

Going Away Present for Obama? First thing we noticed this morning was that Dow futures were down about 30-points. But since the Dow closed last week around 19,964, knocking 30 points off at this morning’s open shouldn’t amount to a hill of beans. On the other hand, remembering our old edict that “Techs lead the way” the NASDAQ Composite set a 52-week high Friday before pulling back a bit at the close. My point? We traded into a record with the NASDAQ so the blow off for the Spring is … Continue reading